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Dyno Classes

Stock Chevy

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Stock Dodge

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Stock Ford

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Small Single

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Large Single

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Small Twin

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Big Twin

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New Season! New Site!
Welcome to the All New Northwest Dyno Circuit.

Learn About The New Site

Northwest Dyno Circuit

The Northwest Dyno Circuit is the first organization to offer points to competitors for Dyno events they compete in. Competitors can gain points by placing in first place all the way to tenth place, in each NWDC class. At the end of the season these points will go towards the finals, where competitors will have a chance to battle for the title of King of the dyno.
NWDC is the first organization to focus on dyno events by offering new safety Standards, unique marketing opportunities for its hosts, and a new dynamic website and methods that helps relieve the stress of putting on an event, letting the host enjoy their event.